Tips To Ensure Your Pool’s Maintenance Is As Good As It Can Be

As you have probably figured out by now, most maintenance tips for your swimming pool revolve around being proactive with proper attention and appropriate swimming pool upkeep. Responding to issues as they pop up can often result in discouragement and spending a whole lot of cash…many times unnecessarily. By doing proper maintenance on your pool you can avoid those costly issues. Lets take a look at some tips for doing so.

Water Flow
Ensuring that your pool has sufficient flow is essential here. By not having the water circulating here you can create an environment that is perfect for all the things you don’t want in a pool. Make sure that your pool’s pump is primed and that its return side pressure and suction are in good shape. Flow and water movement is pivotal to reducing issues with your pool.

Something we should all be aware of at this point. Having appropriate pool filtration is vital. Consider the air filter in your car, for example. What occurs when you leave it in for four years? It becomes covered with gross debris/soil, and so too can your pool’s filter.

Regardless of what sort of filter you happen to have, ensure that you are paying sufficient attention to your filter. Backwashing often helps immensely. In the event that you’re using a sand filter you should swap out the sand every two or three years or so. Its fairly cheap to do and you can always spot the rise in quality.

What it comes down to is that your water sparkles when your filtering is clean. Seems simple, but I can not tell you how many problems appear when individuals fail to do a few fundamental elements such as appropriate swimming pool filter maintenance.

Ensure That Your Chemicals Are Solid
You should know what the results are when your Ph is too high or too low for prolonged lengths of time if you’ve been following along with our blog here. In case you have a need for a refresher be sure to read through some of our blog posts which cover this in various forms.

Do not forget to empty out your water every couple of seasons. This can help your pool to essentially reset and stay clean of the total dissolved solids that can build up in a pool over time.

Just to recap, when you ensure that you are tending to the essentials of pool care you can save yourself a ton of time, money, and headaches. While you might not see instant differences or changes, over time your pool (and your wallet) will thank you. Appropriate pool care revolves being ahead of the curve and keeping things in good shape so that you don’t end up with costly repairs.


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