Tis the Season to Consider a Spa

Now that the weather is finally cooling down, homeowners may be thinking about ways that they can still enjoy a soak without officially signing up for the Polar Bear Club! Well why not consider a spa? A hot tub is a great addition to any backyard and there are many options so even homeowners without a pool can add a hot tub to enhance their outdoor ambiance. Aquaman Pools offers some things to consider when considering adding a spa to one’s home.

First thing’s first: A spa and hot tub are not one and the same. A spa typically is a standalone or in-ground structure (in many cases that is attached or adjacent to one’s swimming pool with pump systems that are connected to the pool) while a hot tub is more of a portable, above-ground self-contained unit that encompasses its own plumbing system and electrical controls. When determining what type of unit would work for the backyard, the homeowner should consider if they want to invest in the cost and time it takes to add a built-in spa to their yard.

Those with an existing pool can have it remodeled to incorporate a spillover spa or built adjacent to the swimming pool. Either way, this will be a significant investment and could take several months to complete. However, a spa is a wonderful addition to a pool and backyard — not only aesthetically (particularly if there are water features incorporated) but also for the years of enjoyment the spa will provide. A hot tub is a much less expensive investment — as the addition will generally not require any construction, and it can be added to an open area of the backyard or even the patio.

There are many benefits of a warm water soak —  adding a spa or hot tub offers more than just a visual aesthetic. Soaking in a spa or hot tub can actually help improve range of motion and ease sore muscle or joints, relieve pain associated with arthritis or fibromyalgia, improve sleep, and relieve stress and tension.

Both spas and hot tubs offers the relaxing and soothing benefits of soaking in warm to hot water. For water lovers that miss their swimming pool in the off season, a hot tub or spa is just the thing to add to the Christmas list this year! For any questions about all things pool, hot tub or spa related, Aquaman Pools is standing by!


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