Top Benefits of Hiring a Pool Service

The valley went from beautiful breezy spring weather to nearly 100 degrees in a snap! With such an early summer on the horizon and people staying home more, now’s the perfect time to take advantage of the swimming pool! When properly maintained, the pool can be a source of beautify, fitness, and fun… but it also take a little effort to ensure it’s clean and sparkling clear all summer long. For homeowners that are short on time, let the professionals at Aquaman Pools do the “dirty work.” Following is just a sampling of the services that Aquaman’s trained experts can offer

For those that haven’t been maintaining their pool as often during the winter and cooler spring months, it could take a little work to get the water to safe levels for swimming. A pool that has stagnant water or water that hasn’t been chemically balanced could be full of bacteria. Ideally, the  pH level of pool water should be approximately that of water — 7.0 to 7.6. This can be accomplished by a delicate balance of the right chemicals to achieve that ideal balance. Pool water be effectively chlorinated to kill bacteria, but never overly treated with chemicals to the point that it can cause swimmers’ eyes to burn. Aquaman Pools is skilled in chemical balancing while maintaining safety for the whole family.

Cleaning the pool isn’t just about chemicals. Removing debris from the top of the pool, brushing it down to clear all the dirt and dust that accumulates over time (and drifts to the bottom if not swept away). Build-up of debris can also introduce new (and unwanted) organisms and bugs into the pools — and no one wants that! If too much debris gets caught up in the filter, it can require the help of a professional pool maintenance company to unclog it. A professional pool service can also take on the task of cleaning and maintaining pool filters, including backwashing. However, each type of filter requires its own clearing procedure – all of which the technicians at Aquaman are up to date on.

Another unsightly (and unhealthy) issue that a pool professional at Aquaman can handle is removal of algae. Pool surfaces can quickly accumulate algae If not properly cleaned. A pool vacuum can help keep algae at bay — however, if not taken care of right away, algae can wreak havoc on a pool.

Pool owners, now’s the time to have a professional pool service such as Aquaman come out , assess the state of the pool and get it ready for a splashin’ and relaxin’ place to chill out this spring and summer. Call today to get on the schedule and let Aquaman take the best possible care of the pool!


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