Using Your Scottsdale Pool for Exercise

Its starting to cool off here in Scottsdale. While that means many use their pools less, this isn’t true for everybody. Many of us still hit the pool. Occasionally we get the idea that the pool is there for the children, or for entertaining the neighbors, and not really for ourselves. Nevertheless, among the most effective methods to work out is swimming for fitness. So many of us work out trying to make sure we have the right beach body for hitting the beach during summer, but by the time the heat starts to turns up in this great city of ours, many of us find it hard to endure a work out. Yet, once we begin thinking about swimming for fitness, well, it makes perfect sense. Regardless of what your shape our size, swimming for fitness suits you.

Why does swimming for fitness suit everyone?

Swimming is a low impact exercise

For me, running is not something I can do. It’s super tough on my knees. Sometimes my back will go out during some of these more intense boot camp work outs that you see. However, I am saved by using my pool for my exercise.

Swimming is for anyone and everyone

This really is a fact of life, particularly if you’re heavier or older. Occasionally when we have skeletal issues or are heftier we believe we can not work out. We’re caught in a loop where we can not work out and are in need of exercise. Using our pools to exercise is great for all shapes and sizes, and even for people that a preexisting injury.

Swimming is a crazy good workout

Swimming is really a fantastic work out: The thing about swimming for your exercise is that the most impressive element is you can get fit in every manner through swimming. The cardiovascular gains are amazing. Plus, it works all the important muscle groups out. In addition, you get plenty of resistance from the water’s pressure all around you which equals more calories that you’re burning off.

I am hoping you look at your pool as more than just something fun to do now that you understand all these astonishing advantages of swimming for fitness. After I learned more about the types of exercise you can do to stay fit with your pool, I threw my swim trunks on and hopped right in!

Is your Scottsdale pool in good shape? If not, you might think about looking into our Scottsdale pool services ( to keep it clean and sparkling for your workouts. Feel free to call us at (480) 243-7665 for a free quote today!


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