Water Saving Tips in Honor of Earth Day

Aquaman Pools LLC is in the business of water! But the company is also very aware that is a highly precious resource, which is why Aquaman takes water conservation seriously not just on Earth Day, but every day. In honor of Mother’s Earth’s day of dedication on April 22, Aquaman Pools offers the following water conservation tips for the backyard and beyond.

Fill Pool Water During Off Hours — As the sun begins to heat up with the spring and summer seasons, water loss can occur due to evaporation. However, most electric and water companies will advise a schedule of when to run appliances and use water. Often times, running water at night when the sun has gone down is the most efficient way to fill the pool and water plants and landscaping.

Don’t Overfill the Pool — Filling pool water to the tippy top may seem like a good idea… however, that’s before anyone dives in! If the pool water level is too high, there will be a lot of water loss when people start using the pool, especially if kids are doing lots of splashing or pool participants are very active. Keep the pool water at a consistent level that allows for some “splashage” that won’t end up being wasted water.

Check for Drips and Leaks — Check for leaks not only in and around the pool — but all around the house to ensure that water is not being unnecessarily used without knowledge. A little leak can seem like a small thing, but over time it can lead to big waste. (And unwanted expense as well.)

Keep it Clean — Backwashing the pool can lead to hundreds of gallons of water, so managing the amount of times the pool requires a backwash can help conserve water. Keeping filters emptied and clear as well as utilizing a pool vacuum or cleaner can help with this.

Consider an Aqua Touch Pool Purification Service — Aquaman’s Aqua Touch Pool Purification system utilized a high-pressure reverse osmosis technology that limits the amount of water that is wasted an it results in clean and safe water. The Aqua Touch system removes impurities and toxins while reducing chemicals required, reduces wear and tear on pool equipment and surfaces and reduces water waste of up to 20,000 gallons in less than three years. This system also helps pool spend less on chlorine, chemicals and repairs over time.

This Earth Day, consider ways to reduce water use in and around the pool — and beyond! The professionals at Aquaman Pools are always ready to assist with any pool cleaning and maintenance services!


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