What Heating System Should You Use For Your Pool?

Decided to setup a pool heating system for your swimming pool to increase its usage year round? You’ll need to decide between electric, solar, or gas powered heating. The choice you make depends on costs, needs, and how your house and swimming pool are laid out. Let’s take a look at each option.


Solar heating systems work well for a standard recreational swimming pool. Commonly used for those who enjoy temps between eighty and eighty-five degrees farenheit, they work well for many in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas.

Since they make use of the heat from the sun, they have no cost of operation. No gas or electricity to pay for. Your pump will just circulate the water through your solar powered heater, which makes the pool water warmer. Typically there’s a timer setup with this, so you’ll want that set to run when its brightest and warmest outside. As I mentioned, you’ll need the pump running, so that can give a very small bump to your electric bill, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Learb more from Energy.gov


A gas based heating system is ideal for being able to heat up your pool for short amounts of time. They’re very effective, though not really the cheapest option. They are usually going to be larger than you’d expect from a pool heater.

They can make use of a propane or natural gas by burning it up in the chamber, and then transferring tat heat over to the swimming poo’s water. They will need to either be hooked up to natural gas or you’ll need to have storage in place for the propane gas.


If you want to keep your pool heated no matter what the weather happens to be like, then the electric option is likely your best bet. If its the correct size for your pool, it can keep your pool between eighty and ninety degrees farenheit no matter what the outside weather is like. The outside temperature will usually need to be above forty-five degrees farenheit for this method to work, however.

These have a fairly low cost associated with them. Learn more about electric heat pump systems at Energy.gov.

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