What is Scale and What to do About it

Pool owners may have heard the term “scale build up” in reference to the swimming pool. But what is it? How can pool owners prevent it and how can they deal with it if it’s already an issue in their pool? Aquaman Pools has all the answers…

Scale refers to calcium build up or mineral deposits. They can show themselves in many ways  — as stains, films, spots or even crystals on pool surfaces and it can even cause a mineral scum on the surface of the water or lead to cloud water. Scale build up can wreak havoc on pool pumps, pipes, or pool heaters too, so it’s important to prevent scale or get rid of it as soon as it starts to make an appearance. Those with hard water may find scale to be more of an issue

The good news is a healthy pool is general not a site for scale — so controlling the water’s pH and alkalinity levels can help keep calcium build up at bay. Using a steel-bristle pool brush, gently brushing the pool tiles, interior, the floor, steps and any crevices or areas where scales could take up residence is a good way to keep scale build up from forming, as is running the pump and vacuum to keep the pool clean also helps prevent scales from building up.

Once scales are detected, brushing the deposits away or using a pumice stone to spot-scrub scaled areas can typically be the solution. For more persistent build-up, pool owners may need to acid wash the pool. If the calcium carbonate levels in the water reach too-high levels, the Aquaman’s Aqua Touch Pool Purification system may be the answer. This high-pressure multi-membrane reverse osmosis technology filters out the pool water, cleans it, and returns it to the pool with minimal waste.

If calcium or scale build up seems to be a constant issue, pool owners may want to speak with a professional pool service company such as Aquaman Pools. The water’s hardness could be causing the pool to be an inviting home for scale build up and it may need to better balanced to prevent future accumulation. As always, with any pool service needs or questions, give the experts at Aquaman Pools a call today!


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