What to Do With Your Arizona Pool During the Winter

If you are wondering if you’ve properly prepared for the chilly months ahead and winterized your pool correctly then this post is for you! There are a great deal of states that “technically” do not need to do anything specific for their pool this time of year, and Arizona is among them. However, there are a lot of variables with this sort of thing, and as such many pools within Arizona actually need to take the wintertime into consideration lest something bad happen to their swimming pool.

Here’s are some thoughts as to what sort of things you might end up doing for your pool now that its getting colder outside.

1) This is an excellent time for fundamental equipment care including swapping out a lot of the moving parts that can get worn down over time.

2) Do you have a return side water leak to deal with? For those who own a top or side mount multi interface valve, make sure you take a look at the spider gasket, which often needs to be replaced. It is an excellent time to do any plumbing work and remove any temporary fixes you might have used to “get by” during the warmer months. This is a great time to call a properly certified pool service to do proper repair work, if needed.

3) Do a pool drain/refill to bring in fresh water. This can do amazing things for calcium problems and your total dissolved solids. Ever find that you are adding more chemicals that you used to add, but the results aren’t as good? Total dissolved solids, water hardness, and other “build-ups” that naturally take place over time cause your water to eventually become nonreactive. You’ll want to wait til it starts getting just a tad bit warmer, though.

Lastly, be sure to cut down on the time you’re letting the equipment run. When its colder out and you’re not using your pool you can usually cut your equipment run times down a bit. You can also get in touch with your utility company to see what time plan you’re on so you can run the gear during non peak hours to save a bit of cash.

By doing all of these things you set your pool up for a great swim season when it starts to get warmer out. If you find yourself in need of some help with any of these things then please get in touch with us here at Aquaman Pools LLC by calling (480) 243-7665.


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