What to Know About Owning a Swimming Pool

For those that are thinking about remodeling their existing swimming pool or building a new one to enhance their backyard oasis, the off season is a great time to get started! Aquaman Pools offers a few tips and things to consider before breaking ground.

Have a Plan — Before speaking to a landscape designer or pool contractor, it’s important to have a list of “wants” and “don’t wants” in mind. While these professionals can certainly make suggestions for existing or future pool owners, individuals should consider their own personal style, how the pool will be used (for both fun and function), visual appeal, surrounding landscape and more.

And Plan Ahead — While it’s a good time to get started, this time of year generally starts off pool contractors’ busy season so they book up quickly! And remember that the estimated time of completion is just that — an estimate. Many times there can be delays or unexpected circumstances that arise which can cause the completion time to extend. So if there is a date or big occasion that pool owners wants the job completed by, they should make sure the contractor is well aware of that and can assure the homeowner that the project can be completed prior to that… even if issues arise.

Pools Take Work — Yes, owning a swimming pool adds tremendous value to a home, beauty to the backyard and countless hours of fun for families… but they also require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the water is safe for swimming. The good news is if a homeowner is committed to routine care, it’s fairly simple work. However, those that are already short on time may want to consider outsourcing to a professional pool service company to take care of routine maintenance. (Naturally, we suggest Aquaman Pools!).

Consider the Type — There are many options when it comes to what type and style of pool to install/build as well as the materials used, which will determine the pool’s longevity and how often it will need to be resurfaced over its lifetime, for example. Homeowners will also need to decide if they want a traditional chlorine pool or a salt water pool.

The Bells and Whistles — While most homeowners may have a budget to keep in mind when building a pool, consider the “bells and whistles.” When it comes to lighting, underwater sound systems, water features and more, it often makes financial sense to build these in as the project goes along versus adding them later, which can be messy and likely more expensive.

Do Some Research — There is endless information just a mouse click away when it comes to swimming pools and swimming pool contractors. Homeowners should spend some time doing due diligence so that they can feel confident when they select their contractor and break ground on their new swimming pool!

A swimming pool is huge investment, but it adds great value to any home and provides years of fun … which equates to a lifetime of great memories. Aquaman Pools is always here to answer questions or offer advice on all things swimming pool-related, so call anytime!


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