What to Look for in a Pool Service Company

New pool owners or existing ones looking to ditch the hassle of cleaning and maintaining the pool may want to call a pool service company to take on this task. There is certainly no shortage of options in the valley. However, like with any industry, not all businesses are created equal. Aquaman Pools LLC offers some tips for what to look for when researching pool service companies — and questions to ask potentials before hire.

Quality of service is king; but so is customer service! In fact many people would rank excellent customer service over cost of service. For those that fall in that category (and according to Glady.com’s 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey, 68 percent of survey responders would pay more to the company that provides great service), look for little signs of unparalleled customer service — such as a human being answering the phone versus an automated service, extra friendly technicians that are careful and respectful during each service, detailed explanations of service, or immediate contact when an issue arises, for example.

When it comes to hiring a pool service company, there shouldn’t be any surprises. So when considering companies, its important to get an estimate of service — including what that service includes from cleaning the pool and balancing the chemicals to the frequency of the service (weekly, bi-monthly, etc.). Most reputable pool service companies will offer a free pool estimate so pass on the ones that charge for a simple estimate. Having an idea in mind of what services will be needed and how often will help the pool service company create an estimate and also help them provide suggestions for the best service plan to meet those needs.

With technology at most people’s fingertips today, it’s easy enough to look into a pool service company’s reputation. While previous/current client reviews on the company’s website are nice, consider looking beyond that to organizations such as the Better Business Bureau that might have more information than a glossy testimonial. Personal reviews on Yelp and Google+ can be insightful as well, but take these with a grain of salt — whether the reviews are positive or negative.

In addition to checking their reputation, looking into the company’s credentials is also important. How long have they been in business? What is their complete breadth of offerings (service, cleaning, repair, remodels, etc.)? Most importantly, make sure the company is insured and full certified.

When it comes to hiring a professional, skilled pool service company, there is a lot of research to be done. Each pool owner may prefer something different so it’s crucial for them to pinpoint exactly what their needs are prior to going forward with service. Of course, Aquaman Pools, LLC would be happy to become your new pool service company — so call today!


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