What Will A Swimming Pool Cost Me?

Time for me to respond to some questions I’ve been getting a lot lately from those without pools. People want to know what a pool costs, and I can’t blame them. It’s getting pretty hot outside, after all. 😉 There are quite a few different options that affect the prices, including the area you live in, so you might not get a specific amount here. However, let’s take a look at what affects pool prices.

The Area You Live In

Your pool’s price is going to be specific to the area that you live in. So, as an example, in the SE area of the U.S., it may be much less difficult to have a pool dug due to the water table than it might be here in the SW area. Meaning that there is going to be more labor involved, which increases the price. In other areas like those that have very long freezing temperatures, there is a much smaller window with which to build a pool. Which can also increase the pricing to have a pool built.

The Kind of Swimming Pool You Want

This is the most well known reason, I’d wager. A gunite swimming pool with a ton of extras is going to cost you more than, say, a more common type of above ground pool.

Pool Maintenance Costs

Some costs people don’t think about until after their swimming pool has been built. This includes regular maintenance, insurance for the pool, utility costs, and of course any other pool services you may need. You can also hook your pool up with the latest tech like timers, solar covers, and variable speed pumps to help with energy costs.

Anything Extra

Of course, the more you add to your pool and the area around it, the higher the cost. There are tons of things you can start adding in, such as waterfalls, slides, rock walls, decks, hot tubs, and so much more. All of these add additional costs to your build.

This article obviously didn’t get into the exact cost of your potential pool, but it does show you some of the potential costs when it comes to owning a pool. Keep them in mind when you’re shopping for your swimming pool.

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