Who Likes a Green Pool? No One, That’s Who!

We should take pleasure in our pools, but its hard to do that when we can not swim in them, or even look at them without being grossed out for that matter. No one likes a green pool, after all. Within the content below I will be sharing the best way to clean and fully heal your green swimming pool in the least period of time.

There’s an established process of clearing up a dirty, gross pool of any color in the least time possible. It’s not simple work, though. These easy to follow measures will clear things up fast. Take a deep breath…you can have your swimming pool back to normal in only a few brief days should you follow along below.

First, remove any big debris from the pool with a big leaf net (not a hand skimmer!). This can stir up the water, and could make your pool appear to get uglier briefly, but the debris that has been stirred up will settle within several hours. Don’t try to take a vacuum to your pool if you are unable to see the floor, or in the event that you have a great deal of debris.

Second, you’ll want to correct the issues with the pH and alkalinity of the water. These should be within the appropriate ranges or the water won’t ever clear.

Third, you’ll need to shock the water with chlorine to kill any bacteria and algae off. Start off by adding around three, maybe four gallons, and add more of the same the following day in the event that there’s no change. Continue this procedure till you discover the water changing color. Don’t worry about going overboard too much as you can’t overdo it on the shocking of your swimming pool.

You might additionally need to put in a higher quality algaecide with this step.

Fourth, you’ll want to run your filter twenty-four hours a day for fastest results. You’ll also need to do frequent backwashing every day. The longer you run your pool, as well as the more you end up backwashing your filter, the more rapidly the swimming pool can become clear.

Your filter might not be working correctly in the event that you just follow these directions without noticing any changes after 4-5 days. If that is true for you please get in touch so that we here at Aquaman Pools LLC can help you out. The pool won’t ever clear up in the event the filter isn’t functioning correctly!

You’re likely to find some debris at the bottom of the pool after the pool finally clears up. If you only see a little bit you should think about vacuuming it up. This can help your pool’s filter system to stay in good shape, not to mention helping out your pool’s piping.

If you read through this and it doesn’t sound like something you can handle by yourself then be sure to try out our service either by calling (480) 243-7665.


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