Why Do I Have A White Ring Around My Swimming Pool?

Lets say you paid a ton of money to get a nice pool in your backyard, and it has some great features that you absolutely love, perhaps with some gorgeous tile. Basically its the swimming pool you’ve always wanted, and it allows you to have plenty of barbeques and parties during the summer. However, eventually you notice that you have a thick white ring on the tile. Why do you have this, and where to it come from? All of a sudden that dream pool has turned into an ugly sight, and you can’t help but see it all the time. This is actually a very common problem that so many who own their own pools have to deal with in Arizona.

The issue comes from calcium and some other minerals, and sadly it happens to many a pool owner. Usually you’ll be able to spot this on your spill ways and other water features prior to seeing it on the tile, assuming they are being used. When water ends up splashing onto the tile, it can dry out very quickly due to the heat of summer. When that happens white flakes end up building up as time goes on. The longer it goes unchecked the worse it will get. When it goes on too long and builds up too much, it will be so thick that you’ll have to hire a professional to help you out.

When the pool’s water evaporates the various minerals like calcium end up staying inside the pool, and thus the hardness levels of calcium will rise. When they rise the calcium will start showing up in the above situations. Once it gets to a certain point you might even need to change the pool water entirely.

So, what can be done about this? Well, there are a few things you can do:

    • Drain your water out and refill it.
    • Purchase a sequestering agent.
    • Hire someone to clean the tile on a regular basis.
    • Recycle your water.

If you can, try and cut down on the use of spillways and water features, and keep in mind that its a good idea to see about changing your pool’s water every couple of years. In the event that you do run your pool’s water features, make sure that you do it when its dark out, or go and dry everything after you’re done using it. If you need some more specific help, please feel free to call us at (480) 243-7665 if you’re in the Scottsdale or Phoenix areas.


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