Why Get a Solar Swimming Pool Cover?

During the wintertime, everyone is always talking about pool covers. Well, the pool owners are, anyway. Solar pool covers can help with a lot of things, including keeping your pool a bit warmer during the colder months out of the year.

When you use a swimming pool cover you end up reducing the cost to heat your pool. A pool can lose energy in different kinds of ways, but evaporation is the most common there is. When you have a pool cover, though, it can help to reduce that evaporation. What this means is that using a swimming pool cover on a pool that isn’t being used is one of the most efficient methods of bringing down the costs of heating your swimming pool.

When you use a solar pool cover it reduces the heat that is lost from evaporation since it behaves like a barrier that protects the pool water from the air. A solar pool cover is easily one of the least pricey covers, and one of the best there is for a pool. They look somewhat like bubble wrap, and are sometimes called bubble covers. They obviously have a much thicker type of plastic involved in their creation, though. They also have UV inhibitors.

  • Benefits of a Solar Cover
  • Conserves Water
  • Saves Maintenance Costs
  • Captures the Sun’s Heat
  • Brings Down Chemical Usage

As time goes by your pool’s solar cover will slowly deteriorate. If the cover starts to flake or the bubbles on it start to fall off, its time to get a new one. They’re not all that pricey, and can actually be a less expensive alternative to heating your pool. Just remember that these aren’t very thick and shouldn’t be thought of as a method of safety whatsoever. Its still just as easy to fall into a pool with a solar cover as those without, so be safe!

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