Why Replumbing is a Common Winter Pool Issue

Most pool owners understand the basics of caring for their pools all year round. But there are some “seasonal” issues that tend to occur more often at specific times of the year. So it’s important to keep a keen eye on the pool in winter, spring, summer and fall. In the winter, for example, some pool’s may experience plumbing and filter issues. Aquaman Pools dives into the ins and outs of what these issues are — and why they occur generally in the winter.

The Valley’s winter weather can wreak havoc on pools’ systems including the filters, auto-cleaners and vacuums, and plumbing because of the vast change in temperature in just a single day. For example when the mornings and evenings are in the low 40s or even dip into the 30s, but the mid-day temperatures rise to the 70s, PVC plumbing and fiberglass tanks can experience a wide range of expansion and contraction. This exposure of the elements can result in cracks in these systems, which can cause air to get in… and water to get out. In extreme cases, this can even cause the pool’s pump to burn out.

Those that suspect a leak or damage to the pump or filters due to winter weather should have their systems looked at right away. Repairing the pipes or replumbing the pool’s existing pipes if they are beyond repair may be required to get the pool’s systems back on track. The winter months, when the pool is typically not being used as often, is a good time to have this done.

Automatic pool cleaners and vacuums can also fall victim to cold weather and fluctuating temperatures in the winter. If pool owners notice their vacuums are not working as efficiently in the winter months, it could be because some of the parts, many which are plastic, got too stiff or even cracked from cold water. It could require a repair, or it may simply need some replacement parts such as a new rubber hose or new “shoes,” “wings” or “flaps.”

Regular pool maintenance is important all year round, and diligent care of the pool can ensure issues that arise are caught early so they can be taken care of properly before they become larger problems. As always, the professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools are happy to provide the service and care any valley pool needs and answer any questions pool owners may have.


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