Why Salt Water Pools are Pretty Cool

Hey folks, I’ll go out on a limb and assume you like cleanliness. Am I right? Good. Now there’s the issue cleaning your pool and how to go about it. Traditionally, as we mention on this site, in the old days before the invention of pool chlorinators, to keep personal and commercial swimming pools safe and functional, one had to clean pools by natural chemistry. But these days handling and storing harsh chlorination chemicals can have negative effects on skin, hair and clothing. So, ultimately, salt water pools offer a simpler and safer alternative for pool maintenance without the negative effects of traditional chlorine in it’s not-as-natural form.

There is, my friends, a new hope, a market for “salt water pools” (or pools equipped with a salt chlorine generator system or automatic sanitizer system) is a very real and growing thing. As we have said on our pages, it is likely that over 50% of all new in-ground pool installations are now equipped with some kind of salt-water pool cleaning and pool maintenance technology as well as being used or converted in the cleaning of quite a lot of standard, everyday pools by people of all kinds and backgrounds are installing these salt-water-systems each year.

But why are salt water pools and salt water installations so great? Our loved ones and society-at-large have been telling us that chlorine is not so good for us, but you might ask what the real deal is.

Chlorine is a necessary agent to maintain general chemical safety against various bacteria and mysterious pool monsters like, algae, ammonia and all points in between that can be introduced into a pool system over time. For years liquid chlorine was the standard, but the above-mention side effects have been enough to send people looking for alternatives. The benefits of salt water pools solve these issues.

So in the tradition of wanting a cleaner way to clean things, we came up the chlorine generator system, automatic sanitizer system which electrolyzes the salt and turns the chloride (Cl) portion of the salt into chlorine and the chlorine dissolves in the water to make everything new-born fresh and the pinnacle of pool maintenance. This process generates something known as free” chlorine carries an electrolytic cell which destroys chloramines responsible for odor, bleached hair and ruined bathing suits and the good ol’ red-eyed itch and we all love to hate.

So if you want a a quality pool cleaning service in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and all-points in between and well-done, quality and pool repair for your salt water pool, call Aquaman Pools for all your pool cleaning service needs for your salt water pool in the greater Arizona area!

For more info check out this link:  https://www.supercleanpools.com/salt-water-pools/


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