Why You Shouldn’t Get a Tarp Pool Cover

A question I frequently get from people concerns a pool tarp cover. I’m asked about if they can help protect the pool, particularly during the wintertime. Usually the answer is a very simple, “Nope!” Here are some explanations as to why that is:

Not Long Lasting

A lot of these tarp covers boast things like seven year warranties, and honestly it just makes me laugh. What it comes down to is: a tarp is just that, a tarp. Of course some are going to be of a higher quality than other tarps, but even the highest quality tarp covers typically won’t last more than a couple of winters before they’re ready for the garbage bin. So, think about that. Lets say you have a pool for 15 years…over that time constantly replacing a tarp cover will cost more than getting a vinyl or mesh security pool cover. Expensive! Its also important to note that most tarp cover warranties are actually pro-rated, so it may say 7 years, but that often isn’t really the case if you look closely.

Not Strong Enough

A tarp cover isn’t made for protection from anyone or anything walking across it. It can’t hold the weight at all. Not for people and not even for smaller animals.

Pump Needed

Tarp covers are extremely light, and as such they need a submersible pump in order to prevent the water from accumulating on top of the tarp. There are plenty of potential issues with this, but they all boil down to the fact that having a pump on your tarp cover is a huge pain.

Not Aesthetically Pleasing

A swimming pool tarp cover that has a bunch of water bags holding it down is hardly the best looking thing on the planet. This is especially true when you compare it to a security pool cover that is fully fits the form of the pool.

No Money Saved

Sure, a security cover will cost you quite a bit more than a cheap tarp pool cover, but it will also last much, much longer. Usually between ten and fifteen years. Compare that to the constant replacement of a tarp cover and its not hard to see why most people end up getting a full security pool cover at one time or another.

Well, there you have it. What are you going to get for your pool now? If you find yourself in need of a Scottsdale pool company, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Trust me when I say our services are the best in the entire state. You don’t even have to trust me…try us out and you’ll see for yourself. 🙂

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