Why Your Water Level is an Important Part of Your Pool Maintenance

Having a pool is quite the luxurious thing, particularly during the hot months of the year. If you own a pool you would like to ensure that you have a pool that’s crystal clear and prepared to jump into at any time of day. It is for this reason that you should understand certain things about your pool’s water level, and why swimming pool care is so essential.

Water Levels

Pool care comes in a variety of types. Among the larger aspects that you might want to be sure to have under control is the pool’s water. The water level must be kept at a specific height. Due to the hotter temperatures and the rain, these water levels can either decrease or grow higher. When this occurs it can harm your pool.

So, you need to maintain the water at a steady level to ensure that all of the pumps are working correctly. The pumps cannot yank the debris on over to the pool sock or skimmer when that water level is too high. If your pool is always like this, well then it will wind up resembling something that looks closer to a swamp.

When it’s not too high it’s going to likewise cause some issues with the pumps and skimmer. For example, having lower water than your pool needs, say lower than even the skimmer and pumps, air ends up being sucked in. This can cause problems with your motor. Keeping an eye on the water level can make it so that you can prevent these problems.


Making sure that the pool is being backwashed is a vital part of regular swimming pool care. During the backwashing procedure your pools water will fall. As soon as you’ve backwashed check whether or not it must be filled up and just apply your hose pipe to fill it up to the right amount.

These are just a few things involved with properly maintaining your swimming pool. If you need more help then give us a call here at Aquaman Pools by dialing (480) 243-7665, or by reaching out through our contact page.


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