Winter is for Cloudy Days, Not Cloudy Pools

Arizonans typically aren’t fans of cloudy things — whether that means cloudy days or cloudy pool water! There are several reasons why a pool owner might be experiencing ‘cloudy’ pool water, and the good news is there is generally an easy solution — for those that know their chemistry! And regardless of the season, there is no need to deal with cloudy pool water!

Generally an imbalance in the water’s chemistry is what causes a pool to appear ‘cloudy.’ This can be a result of many things. Sometimes it’s just as easy as cleaning out the pool with a skimmer net to remove any excess debris or dust that may have made its way into the pool during winter weather. Making sure the filters and baskets are clean and clear is a good first step.

It’s important to check the pool’s chemical balance (or ask a pool care professional to check on this) when the water starts becoming cloudy. Professional pool technicians can assess the alkalinity and pH balance in the water. These two chemicals are often responsible for making pool water appear cloudy if they are not in balance. If there is not enough sanitizer in the pool, it an also become cloudy.

There are varying degrees of ‘cloudiness’ and the earlier a pool owner can catch and address the cloudy water, the better off they will be in terms of returning the water to its crystal clear state and also in terms of the expense that might result in trying to regain the water’s clean status. For example, at the beginning of an issue, the pool water may simply appear dull yet still blue while as problems progress, the water can become milky and even opaque so that the bottom of the pool cannot even be seen.

An improper pool pump and filtration can be at fault for cloudy pool water — it’s important the pump and filtration system is adequate for the size of the pool and that it’s run long enough to filter the entire pool. The circulation of the pool water is essential to maintaining clean, clear sparkling water.

Lack of enough chlorine is another reason why pool water may become cloudy, so it’s important to understand the pool’s chemistry or have a pool professional check the pool’s chemicals to ensure that the water is getting the proper things it needs to stay clean and safe.

If the pool water in a home becomes cloudy, it’s best to avoid taking a dip. First, have a professional come out to assess the problem and restore the water to its crystal clean state.


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