Hacks to Make Pool Maintenance Easier

Pools bring gallons of fun to any backyard, but they do require some maintenance to keep the water healthy and clean. But who wants to deal with that? Most busy homeowners just want to get to the fun part — splashing in! So instead of spending all summer taking care of the pool instead of playing in it, Aquaman Pools offers some easy ways to make pool maintenance hassle free!

Automate — Technology plays a big hand in taking the stress and hassle out of pool care, with everything from reminders to equipment that can self-clean. For tech-lovers, investing in some automatic pool care tools can really make the life of a pool owner easy breezy. Automation can help with pool maintenance in a number of ways.

For example, pool owners can control the flow of water features and turn the pump on and off automatically; control temperature of the pools or spa so it’s ready to go for a night time swim or a relaxing soak; turn lighting on and off to set the mood and even automate chlorinators to manage the salt level and adjust chlorine distribution as needed.

Several pool automation systems sync with smartphones to make pool maintenance always within arm’s reach and at the touch of a screen and offer fancy bells and whistles to that can add to the backyard ambiance when its pool time!

Set a Schedule — Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy pool and sparkling clear water. But for those that prefer to DIY their own pool maintenance, setting a schedule can make easy work of it. At the minimum weekly maintenance should include skimming and sweeping the pool two to three times a week, checking the chlorine levels (test kits are available at any pool store) and emptying filter and skimmer baskets. These pool chores should be done regularly, so for those that prefer a more traditional approach to pool care, making a weekly schedule for these pool maintenance tasks will make them easy to remember and easy to check of the honey-do list!

Delegate — One of the easiest ways to make pool care hassle free? Have someone else do it! But not just anyone, as proper pool care is essential for safe swimming and prolonging the life of the pool’s equipment. For the skilled professionals at Aquaman Pools, their jobs revolve around caring for each client’s pool as if it was their own. So homeowners can rest assured that their pools are being well taken care of and will be clean and ready to swim in whenever they are ready.

Those that are looking to delegate the chore of pool maintenance can call Aquaman Pools anytime to request a consultation and estimate for routine service or any other pool needs. So call today!


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