Increasing Your Swimming Skills

How long would you say you’ve had your swimming pool for? No matter if its been years, months, weeks, or days, in the event that you haven’t mastered your awesome swimming skills then read on! In this short article we’ll cover a few simple ways that you can begin to boost your skills in the pool, and then you’ll be swimming laps around everyone you know!

Getting Started

First up, go and hop in the pool all the way. None of this ankles first business. Now, if you aren’t already comfortable with the water, make sure you get more accustomed to it. The simple act of swimming is actually the top way to boost your comfort here. Just hop in and do a smaller number of laps every single day. The more you do it the more you’ll get used to it, and then it will be easier and easier.

Practice Practice Practice

After you have built up some tolerance by doing some basic laps on a daily basis, you’ll want to start getting your technique built up. People who don’t have much swimming experience aren’t going to know the best way to swim, of course. I’d suggest working on your freestyle in the beginning. That is because its the most commonly seen for a reason, after all; its the easiest to pick up. Whats awesome is that since you own the pool, you can practice all kinds of strokes without worrying about what you look like as you might with a public swimming pool. Make use of this and get tons of experience so that you turn into an awesome swimming machine!

4 Freestyle Tips

  • When you bring your arm back to your body, move it towards your stomach and THEN twist it out through the water.
  • Try to have a small amount of space between your legs. You don’t want a super tiny space, but you don’t want a ton of space, either.
  • Make sure your arms are out to the max length they can go.

As with pretty much everything in life, the more frequently you end up practicing this, the better your skills at swimming will be. A great way to boost your training and skill in addition to this is to make sure that you’re getting some exercise that isn’t pool specific, and to ensure that you’re eating a healthy diet. Not only will you become a better swimmer, but you’ll be in much better health.

If you want to make sure your swimming pool stays in the best shape possible so that you are always free to practice your swimming, then be sure to call us here at Aquaman Pools ( at (480) 243-7665 today!


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