Keep These 3 Things in Mind When Closing Your Arizona Pool for the Winter

Winterizing your pool is essential for many pool owners, particularly for the people residing in areas where it gets really cold. Here in Arizona we don’t have it quite as bad as others who get some pretty heavy snowfall, but still it can be a good idea, especially if you live in the colder parts of the state further out (Flagstaff, anyone?). We’ve assembled some important ideas to keep in mind while shutting your swimming pool down for the coming cold temperatures.

Those with above ground pools should use air pillows.
Air pillows serve multiple functions, but the function that is most essential is how your pool is protected by them from being damaged by ice growth. In winter months the ice expands and puts pressure in the walls of your pool. The pillow consumes the growth of the ice, alleviating the pressure from your pool walls by using an atmosphere pillow at the center of your pool.

Lessen the amount of water in your pool.
In today’s marketplace there are skimmer plates that obstruct the skimmer holes for a pool, which lets you keep your pool filled at an ordinary amount. These are extremely popular and I am not exactly certain as to why. Lowering your pool water is in fact a great thing. Frequently adding chemicals into your swimming pool builds up your total dissolved solids, which, as time goes on, can cause difficulties. Adding more substances into a pool without letting out some of the polluted water can be a terrible matter, actually. Yet, in the summer we end up with splash-out and evaporation, so we’re constantly topping the pool with more water to make up for it. This really is diluting the water, which is a great thing for the pool and keeps it all in good shape as part of the process. Thus, a great time for giving your pool some more fresh water is in the springtime. Sadly, though, if you make use of a skimmer plate and your pool is still full, then you definitely will not be capable of giving your pool the fresh water it needs.

Ensure you have your pool chemicals in balance before closing the pool.
I understand that you’re an ideal pool owner who takes proper care of their pool. You keep your compounds in check all season long. You constantly ensure that your sanitizer levels are perfect, keeping friends and your family members clean and safe. Since I understand that you’re this way, then I do not have to tell you to make sure that your pool is in perfect shape just before the pool is closed, right? You want to ensure that your sanitizer is at a great level, and that your pool’s pH is not too low. Low pH is often bad for a pool over the winter months. Additionally, making sure that your pool’s sanitation levels are in good shape is an excellent solution to stop algae from growing in your pool over the winter months. After all, no one has any desire to open their pool up to find some nasty green sludge in the springtime.

These, of course, are just a few brief tips that should help you to keep your pool in good shape if you end up closing it for the wintertime. Keep in mind that the closing of a pool is an important matter, and ensuring that you are still providing it with proper service will ensure that you can open it back up and have it be crystal clean and ready come spring.

If you find yourself in need of some help getting ready for winter feel free to give us here at Aquaman Pools LLC a call at (480) 243-7665. You can also send us a message through our contact form.


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