What To Do When Your Scottsdale Pool is Leaking Water

Noticing that your Scottsdale pool might be losing water could be frightening. Many people in this situation may start to panic. Luckily, you do not have to simply sit back and watch as your pool drains away, you can do something about it! Your pool could be losing water, but before you can find a solution you need to get to the cause.

I should state that the most typical issue that causes a swimming pool to start to lose water is from average everyday pool usage. For many this is a relief in and of itself. To put it simply, when you doing your cannon balls and are splashing around and throwing your children into the deep end, water splashes outside of the pool. After a pool party that on the larger side, this could be quite noticeable.

Another straightforward explanation for your water reduction problem is evaporation. Typically you’ll see more evaporation the hotter it is outside. Pools can start losing water due to the sun over the course of a long, hot summer since your pool water is currently in the atmosphere.

The next thing to take a look at after this is to see if there is an equipment issue. Assess extensively around your equipment to see if there’s anything noticeable. If everything checks out then you need to make sure you’re not leaking and that the issue is as simple as the above common causes.

Time for a bucket test.

Put a pail in the water of your pool steps on the 2nd step. Be sure to fill it up with enough water so it doesn’t float off. Symbol the exterior as well as interior water lines using a sharpie. Leave the swimming pool as well as the pail alone for a complete twenty-four hours. That means no swimming, leaping, or cavorting. No, not even in the hot tub as water is shared by them. Subsequently, after twenty-four hours, come back to see the results of the test.

What you want to check on is the difference of water levels here. Use a ruler and to see the difference between the 2. There shouldn’t be any difference between the water levels if your water issues are due to evaporation. But if there’s a far larger space between the water levels, you are definitely having some issues. If this is the case you’ll want to call a Scottsdale pool service specialist to help you out. Any good pool company will be able to figure out where the leak is and how much the problem will end up costing to fix everything and keep your pool in good shape.


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