How much does pool service cost in Arizona?

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So you’re thinking about hiring a pool service company and you’ve heard that you can get it done for cheap maybe even as cheap as $70 per month with chemicals. Red Flag alert!! I know it seems like a great deal to hire that person in the beat up pick up truck with a scratched up pool pole sticking out of the back but maybe we should examine this a bit first.


What if they set a valve wrong and flood your house? If they were uninsured you would be liable. What if the pool tech servicing your pool trips and breaks an ankle on your property? If they are uninsured you are liable. Insurance has an impact of how much weekly pool service costs.


The State of Arizona says that any company performing work that is complicated in nature such as handling and dosing pool chemicals or completing repairs over $1,000 must be licensed by the State Register of Contractors. If they are not licensed and perform work on your property that is not up to codes and standards good luck getting that corrected on anyone else’s dime but yours. 

Your Water Matters

Unbalanced water is not safe for swimmers, damages the pool surface, and can be quite an eyesore. It’s incredibly important to keep a pool’s pH balance in line. The harsh Arizona sun and pre-loaded “hard” water presents a challenge that Aquaman can tackle. We understand the science of water chemistry and have the experience to balance out problems. It’s so much more than just sticking a colored tab in solution – we’re true water scientists!

Breaking It All Down: What Do You Need to Know About the Cost of Pool Cleaning?

Chemical Costs

It generally costs around $55 per month in chemicals for your pool on average if it is dosed correctly and handled properly. These chemicals include chlorine sanitizer, muriatic acid, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, non-chlorine shock, phosphate remover, and enzymes just to name a few. These chemicals are very important and it important not to hire a pool service company that will cut corners on chemical costs just to save a dollar or two.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance varies by job but pool guys perform a fairly dangerous job on a daily basis and this works out to an average cost per pool stop per week of $2 for liability insurance. Well-deserved and great peace of mind for you the homeowner to know that your pool company has your best interest in mind by being insured.

Fuel Costs

Since most pool routes are not right next door to each other it generally takes a couple of tanks of gas per week for a pool techs truck costing on average $1 to $2 per stop per week. These cost of course are always dependent on the cost of gasoline at the pump and tend to fluctuate throughout the year.

Overhead Costs

Overhead includes things like decent vehicle’s that aren’t leaking oil in your driveway or in the street in front of your house, continuing education for your pool service techs, office and warehouse rent, electricity and phone for the office/warehouse, software to effectively run the business, and marketing costs. Average overhead costs for a small pool service company add up to approx. $3 per stop per week.

Labor Costs

For the hard work that this job is out in the sun day in day out in our hot Arizona summers the pool service techs definitely earn their paycheck. On average a pool service tech makes $16 to $18 per hour and a quality pool stop should take 20 minutes with 10-minute average drive time per each. Add in some Social Security and Medicare taxes and work comp insurance and the cost of a quality tech is $20 per hour. This brings the labor for an average pool stop per week to $10 plus per pool stop.


Oh that ugly word “profit” but the fact of the matter is that if your pool service company is going to stay in business and continue to service your pool into the future and service any warranties that they may give you it is important that they make a small profit to be able to do that. Average profit in this industry should be somewhere around $4 to $5 per stop per week.

The Bottom Line

As we can see, the answer to how much pool service costs in Arizona includes adding all of these costs together. A good quality pool service in Scottsdale and surrounding area should cost you somewhere between $115 to $140 per month depending upon the size of your pool or spa, and the amount of leaves and debris from surrounding foliage.

Don't Let Prices Affect Your Family and Pool's Health

The bottom line analysis shows us that a $75 and under pool cleaning service is a red flag! At best, these are usually no more than a splash in and dash out, and bad chemistry handling of your pool. This puts the health of your pool and equipment, and ultimately the health of your family at risk, and this never worth it. The old adage “you get what you pay for” always holds true in the pool business, and Aquaman Pools strongly believes that our customers and their pools always come first.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don Matheson

As a Real Estate agent having reliable vendors is always an asset to my business. Having a reliable pool service company like Aquaman Pools is a game changer for both myself and my clients. Chad and the entire Aquaman Pools team is top of the line. I know I can not only trust them but I can recommend them to any potential buyer or seller and my clients receive top notch service! I personally use them at my own home and have been nothing but satisfied with their company!

Jenifer Javia

Chad is my pool’s Super Hero! His team approaches servicing pools in a purely scientific fashion, making sure that it is healthy enough for a year-round dip. Yes, you read that right… YEAR ROUND! Scottsdale can get chilly in the fall and winter, but with a well-maintained pool heater, swimming is a 365 affair. I would recommend Aquaman Pools without a doubt. His team’s passion for all things pool is evident in the top notch service you are sure to receive.

Doug Hill

Amazing service. Fast, friendly, and fair. I had a pool company tell me that they could not find the source of the leak at our pool. They said they’d get back to me but never did. I called Aquaman Pools and their technician located the problem immediately. They did the work while I was away for the day and when I came back the problem was fixed. Not only was it fixed but the technician blew the leaves away from my Kool deck so that no leaves got in my pool. That wasn’t his job, but he did it anyway. I’m simply amazed. Have a problem with your pool? Call them. Need regular pool service? Call them. You, too, will be amazed.