Has Your Pool Been Chilly Lately?


We ensure your swimming pool and spa heating equipment is always running at optimal performance.

We install and service an extensive line of pool, spa and hot tub heaters.

Regular heater maintenance is required to ensure proper operation. We also install energy efficient gas and electric heaters and parts. Another option to consider is an energy efficient heat pump, which will greatly reduce the cost of heating your pool in the spring and fall months. 

Aquaman Pools is well versed and certified in all major heater brand repair and installation. We also offer free, no obligation heater inspections to ensure that your heater is safe and working properly when you are ready to use it.

Did you know that improper balance of your pool water chemistry and improper maintenance of your pool can drastically reduce the life or your heater and in some cases void the manufacturers warranty? Aquaman Pools takes special care with our customers pools and spas to ensure that your equipment always last as long as possible and performs at its optimum level.

Aquaman Pools also offers a complete line of commercial pool and spa heaters designed for extensive run times and higher flow rates required on commercial pool and spas. We understand in great detail that when your heater is not functioning properly it can be very frustrating for you and in commercial pools and spas for your tenants. We have a full time staff on hand to handle your pool and spa heater issues quickly and efficiently and get you up and operational at a moments notice. Call Aquaman Pools today for an in depth check of your heater to ensure it is operating properly today!