Ready To Take The Work Out Of Pool Care?

Pool Automation Installation & Repair

Take the work out of pool and spa ownership. Pool automation is easy to install and operate, giving you options to schedule just about everything with the touch of a button.  

Is your pool automation in need of some repair or would you like to turn your pool or spa on from the comfort of your home? Can you manage your pool and spa features easily and turn them on and off without outside of fully understanding the valves? We can help you with this.

Aquaman Pools offers pool automation systems from Pentair, Zodiac and Hayward and we can design a system to work seamleasly with your existing pool equipment if you do not have one installed today. Pool Automation systems make your pool run without the headace and without having to understand the hydraulics and design of the plumbing systems. You simply push a button to turn on you waterfall or spa or jets or lights and the list goes on and on with many options able to control from these systems. Call Aquaman Pools today for a no obligation quote on making your pool easy to operate with a Pool Automation System.

How about turning your spa on from your iPhone or Android device on the way home from the ballgame, golf course, or gym? Aquaman Pools can help you with your automation needs and show you how reasonable this cost can be. Most iPhone or Android automation system install can be done for a cost of $ 900 to $ 1200 depending on your existing equipment.

Call Aquaman Pools today for a quick and check out this link for the details: Iaqua links