Pre-Test. Prep. Purify.

How We Purify Pool Water in Scottsdale

The Aqua Touch system provided by Aquaman Pools offers the fastest, most sustainable pool purification system on the market. Similar to reverse osmosis for pools, our nano-filtration technology uses two large, high-pressure pumps to quickly push water through multiple membranes and filter out contaminants, restoring your pool water to bottled water quality.

Whether you’re a homeowner with a backyard pool that needs purification or a business owner with multiple pools to take care of, Aquaman Pools is here to provide the cleanest and most eco-friendly pool water purification service Scottsdale has!


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Residential Pool Services
Commercial Pool Services

Join the No-Drain Movement 

Aqua Touch not only creates a safer swimming environment but also protects the planet for future generations. Join the No-Drain Movement to save precious resources today for a more prosperous tomorrow!

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Conserve Water

Pool water that goes down the drain isn’t available for reuse for 20-25 years. With Aqua Touch, you can save thousands of gallons every year.

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Use Less Chemicals

After Aqua Touch, your pool requires less chemicals. This is better for swimmers and the planet, reduces your carbon footprint, and lowers expenses.

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Minimize Water Loss

Aqua Touch’s advanced nano-filtration technology minimizes water loss to 10%, the lowest of all pool purification systems on the market.

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Sustainably Grow

If we can save 500,000 pools from being drained, Phoenix could add 45,000 new homes per year without needing more water.

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Protect Facilities

When pool water goes into runoff sewers, its chemicals can damage treatment plants and hinder the city water purification process.

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Avoid Fines

Some cities fine homeowners and businesses that drain pool water into city sewers. Aqua Touch helps you avoid this expensive mistake.

Our Three Steps for Safer, More Sustainable Pool Purification

1. Pre-Test

Our team of certified pool technicians visits your home to analyze the levels of minerals and chemicals in your pool water. This first step is important to determine the extent of the purification service you’ll need.

2. Prepare

Next, we dissolve the compound deposits that have accumulated on your pool’s tile, floor, and walls to prepare the pool water for purification.

3. Purify

Finally, we filter the water through our high-pressure, multi-membrane reverse osmosis technology to remove all contaminants and restore it to a purified state.

If you’re curious to learn even more about our Aqua Touch Pool Purification System, we wrote a blog post about it!

The Fastest, Least Wasteful Pool Purification Technology Around

The secret to Aqua Touch’s speed and sustainability is our advanced nano-filtration technology. This technology minimizes water loss to 10%, the lowest of all pool purification systems on the market. Compared to draining and refilling a pool, which results in thousands of gallons of water waste, pool water purification is the way to go.

High-pressure pumps purify your pool 80% faster than other technologies, completing the entire process in as little as 5 hours for residential pools. Larger, commercial pools will take longer, and that’s a service we happily offer in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, too.

The multi-membrane system restores water to its pure elemental condition (H2O), rather than wasting or recycling it. After we’re done, your swimming pool water will be fresh, purified, and detoxified.

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