What is the Aqua Touch Pool Purification System?

Many people may consider the off-season to be a good time to drain and refill their pools. But before pool owners start this process, Aquaman Pools would like to suggest a better, quicker and greener way that saves thousands of gallons of water in the process. It’s the Aqua Touch Pool Purification System, and its highly recommended over the traditional process of draining the pool. But first, let’s take a look at when and why people should drain their pool in the first place.

Over the course of pool ownership, people may need to drain their pool about every two or three years due to a variety of reasons including to treat calcium build up and staining, to allow for a pool repair or interior surface recovering or painting, or to restore unsafe stabilizer readings. For those in dry hot climates (ahem, Phoenix), pool water needs to be kept at a consistent level as water evaporates. When the level drops too low or is not filled consistently enough, the water can become “hard,” which makes chemical balancing of the pool water more challenging. This can be another reason a drain and refill would be needed.

Ultimately, draining and refilling the pool gives it a fresh, clean start. However, it also results in literally more than 20,000 gallons of water waste. With the average time frame of pool draining and refilling being every two to three years — that’s a lot of water waste!

Aquaman Pools suggests ditching the draining for a new and better technology, the Aqua Touch Pool Purification System. This system requires less time to drain and refill the pool (just four to six hours in comparison to the two- to three-day process of a traditional drain and refill) and reduces that 20,000+ gallon water waste number to a minimum — water loss dips to just 10 percent. The process also extends the life of interior pool surfaces; reduces wear and tear on valuable pool equipment and surfaces; requires less chemicals; and removes impurities and toxins in the water, too.

So how does it work? The Aqua Touch Pool Purification System comes to each pool owner’s home and the work is done through a truck that houses a high-pressure, multi-membrane reverse osmosis technology that ultimately results in pool water so safe and clean, one could actually drink it! During the process, the water is simultaneously pulled into the system, cleaned to remove all contaminants and filtered back into the pool, freshly purified and detoxified.

When it comes time to drain and refill the pool, consider the green, ultraclean way with the Aqua Touch Pool Purification System. The professionals at Aquaman Pools are happy to answer any questions about this system and provide an estimate, so call today!