Remember When Your Pool Was Fun?

Aquaman Pools understands how important a swimming pool is to your home. Your pool is the place to hang out, throw parties, relax, and escape from the stresses of life. We also know owning a pool can difficult to maintain. Our certified technicians will ensure that all systems are running smoothly, your pool is always clean and ready to be enjoyed. Start enjoying your pool again with our weekly pool service performed by The Valley’s best certified technicians. Try us out for free!

Don't let unhealthy water be a hazard

Unbalanced water is not safe for swimmers, damages the pool surface, and can be quite an eyesore. It’s incredibly important to keep a pool’s pH balance in line. The harsh Arizona sun and pre-loaded “hard” water presents a challenge that Aquaman can tackle. We understand the science of water chemistry and have the experience to balance out problems. It’s so much more than just sticking a colored tab in solution – we’re true water scientists!

Don’t drain your pool, purify it! Protect your family, the environment, and your pool with our exclusive purification process.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Quality Matters

So you’re thinking about hiring a pool service company and you’ve heard that you can get it done for cheap maybe even as cheap as $70 per month with chemicals. Red Flag alert! I know it seems like a great deal to hire that person in the beat up pick up truck with a scratched up pool pole sticking out of the back but maybe we should examine this a bit first.

Aquaman Pools offers various weekly, bi-weekly, and individual pool services to everyone in need of them. We can fit everyone’s budget. Our technicians are all CPO certified so you can rest assured that your pool is being maintained to the strictest industry standards to ensure the safety of you and your family. Our weekly pool service will take the hassle and expense out of caring for your pool. Give us a call today for a free, no obligation estimate.


Dogs and the Swimming Pool

Dogs and the Swimming Pool   Now that it’s getting to be swim season, it’s not just the two-legged family members that want to dive