Is Your Pool Vacuum Working Properly?

Pool Vacuum Repair Services

The pool vacuum plays a significant role in keeping your pool sparking clean and healthy. If your vacuum doesn’t work properly, you can be in for a small disaster. 

Your pool vacuum is a critical piece of your pool equipment puzzle when it comes to keeping your pool sparkling clean and debris free.

We offer vacuum repair and we are the Pool Cleaner Scottsdale. Aquaman Pools services all brands of pool vacuums and will ensure that yours is working at its best without the hassles of taking it to the “pool store” to repair.

When your pool vacuum is not working correctly not only is the debris on the bottom of your pool ugly it also puts the finish of your pool surface at risk for staining from this debris in your pool. As a regular service customer we check your pool vacuum every week to ensure it is working correctly.

The “Pool Store” does not always have your best interest in mind when they sell you a new pool vacuum. In a lot of cases they want to sell you the pool vacuum that will need frequent repair so that you have to buy more parts from them and they have another opportunity to upsell you. We at Aquaman Pools want your vacuum working perfectly every week and we only sell those vacuums that we know perform that way and will not break the bank with the costs of maintaining them. Also if you purchase your pool vacuum through Aquaman Pools as a service customer we will install and adjust it correctly for FREE!

We highly recommend these vacuums as options for replacement when needed as we have found them to be the most trouble free and inexpensive to maintain.

Below are links to these vacuums:

The Pool Cleaner Vacuum