How Efficient is Your Pump?

Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Find out how you can save money on your electric bill with variable speed pumps. Keep your system running at peak performance while keeping your pool sparkling clean.

Reduce your electric bill. Improve water quality. Get more years out of your pump.

Did you know that your pool is your largest electrical draw in your house next to your air conditioner? Let Aquaman Pools show you how to drastically reduce your electric bill by installing an energy efficient variable speed pump that may return you $70 per month or more in savings on your electric bill. You also may qualify for a sizable rebate from your electric service making this pump installation very affordable and also paying for itself through energy savings less than two years.

Variable Speed Pumps also run much quieter and run at much cooler temperatures, which is very important in our hot and dry climate in Arizona. This fantastic jump in pool pump technology will have a hugely positive impact on your pool environment and will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the life of your pool pump.

Another huge benefit from a variable speed pump is allowing the pump to run a longer time each day at a much slower speed, which drastically improves filtering of your pool water while at the same time extending the life of your filter and equipment. Your pool water is always filtered better if we can move it through the filter at a slower rate of speed for a longer period of time. Installing a variable speed pool pump allows us to adjust and fine tune your system to run at peak efficiency while keeping your pool sparkling clean.

Did you know that you can actually calculate your future savings with an amazingly high degree of accuracy? Jandy, one of the leading manufacturers of variable speed pumps, has created a great calculator tool (see below). Just plug in your data and figure our your savings! If you have any questions about how the calculator works, or about your pool, please contact our friendly team anytime.

Why choose Aquaman Pools to install your variable speed pump?

It’s probably no surprise that there are A LOT of pool companies here in the Valley, but did you know that only a fraction of them are certified, licensed and bonded? We’re proud to be one of the leading pool companies in Arizona.

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