Want to Prevent Pool Accidents?

Main Drain Safety Covers & Vac Alerts

Prevent a drowning or entrapment accident from occurring in your own swimming pool.

Poorly maintained main drains can become an entrapment hazard for swimmers. 

Aquaman Pools ensures that your equipment is safe by providing safety covers or by installing a dual main drain safety system.

Note: There have been many recent reports in the U.S. of swimmers being trapped by main drains in pools and spas. Aquaman Pools can install a dual main drain system in accordance with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendations.

Vac Alerts prevent entrapment on drains or suction outlets in a swimming pool, spa, wading pool, or hot tub. The force of the filtration system can be tremendous. The vac alert breaks the vacuum and releases the swimmer to prevent drowning. It does not use electricity and it is easy to maintain.

Proper main drain covers to prevent entrapment have become law in part do to the passing of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.

Read more about this law here: http://www.poolsafely.gov/pool-spa-safety-act/virginia-graeme-baker/

Proper main drain covers are very inexpensive and may prevent a drowning or entrapment accident in the future. Have us check them today for free to ensure your peace of mind.

Aquaman Pools can do a thorough safety inspection of your pool to ensure safety compliance with this law at your request.

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