Has Your Skimmer Seen Better Days?

Pool Skimmer Leak Repair

Keeping your skimmer in proper working order can not only help you stop losing water, but can save you money!

A leaky skimmer can cost hundreds of dollars in water bill expenses.

Aquaman Pools offers leak detection and skimmer replacement as well as underground plumbing repairs. We also offer re-grouting as a preventive maintenance. Stop loosing water and your money now!

Your pool skimmer is a critical part of your system for your pool to work effectively and keep the surface of your pool clean and clear of debris. 

Skimmer Weir Doors

The skimmer weir door must be in place and swinging freely for your pool skimmer to effectively suction leaves and debris from your pool surface and to trap these leaves in the skimmer basket to ensure your pool surface remain clear of debris. Another reason for the pool surface not skimming correctly and always having leaves and debris on it can be pool water level. If your pool water is too high your skimmer is not working effectively when your pool pump and filter is in operation. Ask Aquaman Pools to check out the effectiveness of your skimmers today!

Aquaman Pools can also recommend several skimmer basket options that make your pool easier to maintain and keep clean along with allowing for easy debris and leaf removal from your skimmer basket. It is very important to keep your skimmer baskets in good working order and free of cracks and splits as they prevent leaves and debris from reaching your pump impellers and causing costly damage to them.

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