Is Your Pool Deck Cracked or Chipped?

Cool Deck Resurfacing & Recoating

Extend the life of your Cool Deck by replacing damaged texture areas and recoating on a regular basis 

Pool decking can become chipped and dull over time around your pool and no longer serve the purpose it was intended. Our process involves replacing the damaged texture areas and recoating with a color of your choice. There are several color options available to match any taste. We use a very detailed process in making sure the texture looks wonderful and all of your landscaping and surrounding details are protected and remain clean during our process. Call Aquaman Pools today for your free Cool Decking remodel estimate and i am sure you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable this service can be.

Here is a link to available color options: Pref Deck

Keeping your Cool Deck surface coated on a regular basis extends the life of your Cool Decking significantly and also helps protect the concrete surface of your pool and pool decking as well.

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