Is your pool filter not running as efficiently as it should be?

Pool Filter Cleaning Services

Our Arizona dust storms can wreck havoc on your pool filter and it is critically important to keep your pool filter clean to ensure your pool is kept in balance. Aquaman Pools cleans all types of filters and can have your filter looking and acting like new in no time. 

If your pool filter is not operating at optimum efficiency it may also be costing you money in energy usage as your pump has to work harder to keep your pool clean. The pool and spa environment and ecosystem always works better with a properly cleaned and maintained filter.

Cleaning your pool filter is a dirty and dangerous job. It is very important before you begin to disassemble the filter that you make sure that the pressure is released otherwise you may cause a potentially damaging situation when you start disassembly of the filter. It is also very important that all interior parts of the filter are disassembled and assembled in the correct order to ensure proper operation and safety of your pool filter system. All interior items of your filter must be checked for correct operation before reassembly of your filter system. Aquaman Pools performs a complete filter component check on every filter disassembly to ensure your pool filter system works perfectly for your pool.

Filter manufactures recommend disassembling and cleaning filters on a regular basis and in addition to a time limit between cleanings to also keep track of the pressure differential between a clean and dirty filter. A properly cleaned and maintained filter will last for many years whereas a filter that is not cared for correctly will have costly repairs needed to function properly. Let Aquaman Pools take care of this messy job for you today! Call us now to schedule your filter cleaning at 480-243-POOL.

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