Is Your Pool Really Clean?


There’s a lot of things to love about Arizona: palm trees, the great winter weather, amazing sunsets– but one thing that all local pool owners struggle with is our harsh water and scorching summer tempatures. Over time as essential minerals are leeched from your pool and chemicals are added, your pool water becomes harder and hard to balance. Chemicals, dirt and mold can build up on your surfaces making your pool look dingy or feel gritty or slick.

The solution? A pool drain and acid wash every few years is the absolute best way to keep your pool water healthy and your surfaces looking great.

How does it work? First, our experienced and certified technicians first drain your pool in compliance with your local city codes (many municipalities have rules about pumping your pool water into the sewer).

Why choose Aquaman to drain and acid wash your pool? Unlike some other “fly-by-night” companies or a “guy with a truck” we have the proper equipment and know how to do right.

TIP: Although you can do an acid wash or a pool drain and refilling.

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