5 Things to Consider When Remodeling a Pool

Remodeling a pool is a great way to update an outdoor oasis and make spending time in the backyard even more enjoyable. However, a pool remodel can be a big undertaking so it’s important not to jump head first. Instead, Aquaman Pools LLC shares five things to consider before diving into a remodel.

  1. When it’s Time — Many homeowners may wonder when the best time to remodel is, but that depends on a number of variables! For example, if a homeowner is simply looking to upgrade the pool, it can be done any time of year. However, for those that want their pool completed and ready prior to the next pool season, they should plan ahead in plenty of time. The scope of the remodel will dictate the length of the process; so when planning with a contractor, homeowners should ask for a clear timeline. There are other reasons why people may not just want but need a pool renovation including leaks, old equipment, or worn out materials (such as an old liner or chipping tiles and concrete). All of these will eventually need to be fixed and oftentimes the sooner these issues are corrected, the better.
  1. Budget — Having a budget in mind prior to a pool remodel is important, but it’s also a good idea to have some “wiggle room” with this number. Regardless of the depth of the remodel, the budget will likely need to stretch a bit during the process. Building in some extra cash into the budget can help ensure homeowners can still achieve their dream pool remodel even if issues arise during the process.
  1. Style — There are endless possibilities and options when it comes to a pool remodel. Deciding on a modern look with clean lines or negative edges, color schemes when it comes to surfacing, tiling and decking, and more can be fun for some pool owners and stressful for others. Do some research on pool trends or classic pool designs prior to the remodel — having a concept in mind to share with the contractor is a solid step in ensuring the homeowner’s vision comes to fruition.
  1. Fun and Functionality — Consider how the pool is or will be used. For relaxing and lounging? Swimming laps or diving? A little of all? A pool can be designed with a shallow entry for lounging (or for little ones), seating and swim up bars, beautiful and soothing water features, and water slides for the big kids (and kids at heart). So before a remodel, it’s a good idea to define how the pool will be used for both fun and functionality, so both can be incorporated into the end product.
  1. Expect the Unexpected — As with any new build or remodel, pool owners should “expect the unexpected” during the process. Just as mentioned before with the budget, sometimes things occur during the process that could not have been predicted and sometimes there are unexpected delays. Being flexible and working closely with the contractor to ensure a proper solution to any problems is key.

A remodel can be a fun way to not only refresh an old pool, but also give the entire backyard a whole new look. And when the new pool is completed, the pool technicians at Aquaman Pools LLC can help keep it clean, safe and sparkling for families to enjoy for years to come.