5 Ways to Make The Pool Look Sparkling Clean Right Now

cleaning the swimming pool with a net
Everyone wants a sparkling clear pool all the time so they can jump in and enjoy it at a moment’s notice. But if pool owners haven’t given their pool the TLC it needs lately and they want to sparkle things up like right now, there are a few tricks to get the pool water from dull and flat to clean, clear and sparkling in no time… flat! Aquaman Pools offers these five easy tips: 
  1. Shake Things Up — Well-circulated water equates to a healthy, sparkling pool! Proper circulation and movement allows balanced chemical distribution so pool chemicals can be as effective as possible. Good circulation also helps deter bacteria and algae from growing — two things that make the water look less than desirable (not to mention unhealthy!). So get moving! Running the pump is a great way to circulate the water.
  1. Keep it Moving — Another technique to help make the pool look sparkling clean and also keep it well circulated is to run the automatic vacuum. Vacuums can move all around the interior surface of the pool and up along the side walls, sucking up particles, dirt and debris that can contribute to a pool looking less than crystal clear.
  1. Testing, Testing — Yes, proper distribution of chemicals is key — but so is proper balance of said chemicals. A clear, clear sparkling pool is a result of a perfectly balanced pool. It’s important for homeowners to have a test kit on hand to ensure the water is chemically balanced. This ensures the pool water is not only sparkling clear, but safe enough for swimming too. Testing the water on a weekly basis is a good way to check the levels and adjust chemicals as needed. Of course, an Aquaman pool technician always tests the balance of the chemicals during a routine service call.
  1. Skim and Sweep — Skim leaves and other debris off the surface of the pool and sweep the interior surface of the pool with a good brush to loosen any stubborn dirt or even algae and bacteria build up. Tiles can be brushed down too to loosen any hardened spots and stains. Don’t forget to empty the skimmer basket!
  1. Filter it Out — What isn’t filtered these days? For a social-media-post worthy sparkling pool (no filter needed!), clean the filter! The pool filter that is. The filter is an underrated yet totally essentially factor in keeping the pool clean and sparkling. So give the filter a little love by backwashing sand filters and cleaning cartridge filters.
 After doing these five easy steps, the pool should look sparkling clean. If it doesn’t – why not call the experts at Aquaman Pools? These professionals can get the pool back to a crystal clear and healthy state in a flash.