Comprehending Your Scottsdale Salt Water Swimming Pool and Cyanuric Acid

So, you have made a decision to make use of a salt system in your Scottsdale swimming pool. I do not blame you; there are many great things about a salt based pool, after all. With a salt based pool system its possible for you to bid farewell to the whole “chlorine odor,” the stinging eyes, as well as the itchy skin (among other things).

However, you need to realize that there are quite a few different things about the way a chlorine based system is cared for and how you service a salt based pool system. A specific part of this is the stabilizer known as Cyanuric Acid. You see, CYA is very crucial to ensure that you are creating clean and clear pool water to swim in (plus utilizing it correctly can save you hundreds of dollars!).

No Cyanuric Acid in the pool? Well, its been shown that the sun can cause the chlorine in the pool to vanish very quickly if you don’t. Going overboard with the stuff will prevent chlorine from being able to clean the pool properly. You need to find a happy medium between those 2 points.

Where that lovely mid point is, and just how much CYA to make use of, is not the same for a conventional system and a salt system. They’re actually quite different. In the event that you own a salt system, you should know about the proper amounts of CYA for your pool.

When you’re making use of a salt based system you must get a higher level of CYA. In the case that your CYA amount isn’t high enough with a salt system, the chlorine will be burnt up by the sun. As a result the saltwater system won’t have the ability to deal with the additional demand.

Ok, so now we are aware that the amount of CYA must be higher, but what should the amount be? Keep in mind that the goal of CYA in the water should be to help to keep the chlorine from being rapidly dissipated by UV rays. Keeping the CYA between sixty and eighty ppm is generally a good level to shoot for.

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