How Aquaman Pools Makes “Water so Clean You Could Drink It”

Aquaman Pools is dedicated to making their customers’ pools clean, safe and sparkling clean so families can enjoy them all year round. One of the most unique processes the company provides in addition to its routine pool service is the Aqua Touch pool purification system. This system is faster than draining the pool, and it’s the more sustainable pool purification system available — using technology to clean and filter the existing water then returning it to the pool cleaner than ever. Here’s how it works:

The Aqua Touch pool purification system boasts nano-filtration technology, similar to reverse osmosis, which utilizes two large high-pressure pumps to quickly and efficiently push the pool water through multiple membranes and filter out contaminants and restoring the pool water to quality equal to that of bottled water made for drinking.

Aquaman Pools’ professional technicians use a three-step process. First, the Aquaman Pools team will visit the clients home to analyze the levels of minerals and chemicals in the pool water.

Next, they dissolve the compound deposits that have accumulated on the pool’s tile, floor and walls to prepare the water for purification.

Lastly, the water is filtered through the high-pressure multi-membrane reverse osmosis technology to remove all contaminants and restore the water to a purified state.

This technology is not only the fastest and most efficient technology (the entire process takes just about five hours for a residential pool), it’s the least wasteful. The process minimizes water loss to just 10 percent — the lowest of all pool purification systems — so it’s a win for water conservation.

When Aquaman Pools technicians says they can “make the water so clean, you could drink it,” they mean it! Once processed through the Aqua Touch system, the pool water is restored to its pure elemental condition. (However, they don’t recommend actually drinking it!). The Aquaman Pools team is proud to offer a sustainable and highly effective pool purification system to its clients along with its regular pool service — which includes a 24-point inspection with each and every visit — and other offerings such as filter cleaning, pressure washing, calcium removal, and more.

So when it comes time to clean the pool water, consider the least wasteful, fastest option — the Aqua Touch pool purification system. Aquaman Pools professionals are happy to explain more about this process and offer an estimate for clients and pool owners around the valley.