How Foliage Can Disrupt the Pool Water

The breeze and light wind is a welcome reprieve from the valley’s warm weather. However, it can actually cause some trouble when it comes to keeping a clear pool with healthy water. When leaves and other debris like dropping flowers and foliage from nearby trees get into the pool, they can throw the chemical balance out of whack and even clog equipment. Aquaman Pools dives into how foliage can disrupt the pool water — and what to do about it.

The chemical balance of the pool water is something that requires almost constant maintenance, especially as the weather heats up in the valley of the sun. It’s important for pool owners to understand that anything that comes in contact with the water (rain, swimmers, sunscreen, leaves and debris, etc.) will have some kind of impact on the chemicals. So after a storm or heavy use, a good skim and sweep can help remove and loosen any dirt and organic materials (flowers, leaves, etc.) that can alter the pool’s chemical balance.

Allowing leaves and flowers to hang around in the pool can also lead to an unwanted pool guest — algae. Plant nutrients serve as an invitation for algae to “splash” in and set up shop, so it’s essential that they are removed before algae has time to breed.

Leaves and debris that settle on the pool floor or get stuck to the interior wall can also cause staining. While this doesn’t directly impact the water itself, stains are certainly unsightly and may require refinishing. Allowing leaves and debris to sink down and create a mess at the bottom of the pool can also lead to another problem — clogging the filter. This can create a lack of filtration, leading to algae growth and chemical imbalance in the water.

During the breezy season, especially, homeowners should take the time to skim and brush their pools to remove that organic material as well as loosen any dirt and debris to make the vacuum’s job a little easier. If possible, trim trees and bushes that “shed” when the wind blows or relocate foliage that tends to drop flowers and leaves away from the pool.

Regular maintenance is key to a clean and healthy pool. While this can sometimes be a time-consuming task for pool owners, it’s just a part of everyday life for the experienced and professional team of pool technicians at Aquaman Pools. Pool owners that want to take that chore off their “honey-do” list should give Aquaman Pools a call.