How to Clean the Pool After it Rains

Raindrops in the blue swimming pool.

Fall has definitely made its arrival known in the Valley of the Sun — much to the delight of Phoenicians. But the onslaught of fall rains and even the amount of rainfall experienced during monsoon season this year can actually have an effect on the swimming pool. The expert technicians at Aquaman Pools LLC explains why this is, and what pool owners can do after a heavy rain to maintain the integrity of the water.

Rain and wind during a storm can swoop debris and other contaminants into the pool, and rainwater itself can impact the balance of the swimming pool water’s pH and alkalinity levels, upsetting the chemistry. However, there are a few things pool owners can do after a rainfall to keep the pool clean, clear and sanitized.

Check the Pool’s Water Levels — The water level should fall at the midline of the pool’s skimmer opening. If the water levels are too high, pool owners can backwash the pool using the pump to restore the pool to its proper level. This is also a good time to kill two birds with one stone by putting the pool vacuum to work as well.

Recirculate the Water — Proper water circulation is key to healthy pool water. One way to ensure pool chemicals are properly distributed is to turn on the pump filter. Before doing it’s a good idea to empty the pump basket and pool skimmer basket.

Skim and Scrub — Pool owners can skim debris from the pool surface and brush down the sides and bottom of the pool floor to help remove any remaining debris and dirt. This also helps avoid any clogging. Debris left on the bottom of the pool also sucks up the chlorine, making it more difficult to achieve clear water.

Test the Waters — Literally! A test kit or strips can let a pool owner know the exact chemistry levels and what needs to be added. For example, pH levels should range between 7/4 and 7.6 and total alkalinity should fall between 80 and 120 ppm. A test kit or strips can also indicate calcium hardness in the water and sanitizer or chlorine levels.

While many are welcoming the rain, it can be a little frustrating for pool owners that are trying to keep their pools crystal clean and clear. But never fear — the professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools are standing by and ready to take on the job of cleaning pools all over the valley. So call today!