How to clear up a cloudy pool

While Valley residents may be anxious for cloudy skies as the monsoon season is set to arrive (but seriously, where is it?), a cloud pool is quite another thing. No one wants that… especially during the summer time when the pool typically gets the most use. There are several reasons why pool water gets cloudy in the first place and luckily several easy ways to clear it up and get back to making a splash in a crystal clear pool. Aquaman Pools LLC offers some “cloudy pool 101” for pool owners. There are several reasons why pool water may appear cloudy, and this can occur more often in the summertime when the pool is getting more use. Let’s break it down:

Poor Water Circulation or Filtration Issues — Stagnant water can easily become cloudy and also become an ideal host for algae to grow, so homeowners should make sure their pool water is being well circulated and that there are no filtration issues. Check the pump and filter to make sure they are working properly and run them often to keep pool water moving. It’s also a good idea to check filters and empty them out often and skim/sweep the pool to remove excess debris and dirt that can clog equipment and cause it not to be as efficient.

Imbalanced Water — More often than not, a murky pool is a result of imbalanced water chemistry. With a store bought kit or strips, homeowners can test their water. The results can help guide homeowners through what needs to be added to rebalance the water’s chemistry and clear up a cloudy pool. Typically staff at pool stores can help guide pool owners through what they need to do to rebalance the water’s chemistry. And Aquaman Pools is happy to help their customers with that as well! 

Lack of Chlorine — Not enough chlorine added to the water can cause it to become cloudy. This is an easy fix with a floating pool chlorinator with a few chlorine disks added into the chamber. The disks will slowly dissolve into the water, chlorinating it safely without dispensing too much at once (which can result in swimmers having red burning eyes or itchy skin after a dip!). A dose of shock treatment can also help whip cloudy pool water into crystal clear shape.

Weather — From a little dust storm to a good rain (fingers crossed!), weather and other environmental factors can contribute to cloudy water. Rain water can sometimes be acidic, which can interfere with the pool water’s chemical balance and storms can blow all kinds of leaves, flowers and other debris into the pool, creating extra work for the vacuum, filter and/or pump. This can be resolved by ensuring the pool pump, filter and vacuum are all cleared out and skimming and sweeping the pool clear of this debris.

For those that prefer not to mess with a murky pool, the professionals at Aquaman Pools are at the ready to take over that task. Highly skilled, Aquaman Pools’ technicians are well versed in bringing a cloudy pool back to its clean, clear and healthy state so homeowners can simply sit back, relax and enjoy their swimming pool hassle free.