Is the Value of a Home Increased by Fiberglass Swimming Pools?

Very frequently when a person who owns a home is thinking about getting a swimming pool put in, they ask about how it adds to their house’s value. This is obviously a great question to be asking. What is interesting here is that the kind of pool that you end up going with will determine what sort of ROI you can expect.

Fiberglass pools have become extremely popular recently in the United States, and with that an increasingly higher number of individuals are thinking about getting one of these put in instead of the other options available. In this post I’m going to quickly go over how these kinds of swimming pools can alter a home’s value.

The Desire of a Pool Consumer

In order to comprehend how a fiberglass pool will affect the value of a house, we need to take a look at what people want when it comes to a pool. They want:

  • Something that will last a long time
  • Something that matches the desires of the family
  • Something that doesn’t take much to maintain
  • Something that will last a long time

Having said that its obvious why a vinyl liner pool and pools that are above ground don’t often boost a home’s value. This is because the liners need to be replaced roughly every 8-10 years, and they don’t improve the overall look of the yard, either.

Now, fiberglass is actually really easy to maintain, can last for 20-30 years if not longer, and can actually look just as awesome as a concrete pool without the amount of work involved. However, they do still have certain limits when it comes to their sizing, so they’re not going to be the best option in every single case out there.

Fiberglass Pools and House Value

Thinking about everything I mentioned above, a fiberglass pool will definitely add value to a house. The National Association of Realtors has stated that a swimming pool made from fiberglass or concrete could add around five percent to the value of a house, but that number is certainly going to be varied. To put it another way, even though you’ll see some financial return for you pool, it probably won’t end up matching the costs involved.

When you take a look past the dollar amount involved, you’ll see that a fiberglass swimming pool tends to boost the chances that a home actually sells. This is particularly true when those looking to buy have kids.

Most people don’t end up purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool for financial reasons. Though there are some returns on that investment, the main reason to get one is for all of the memories and many years of pleasure that it can bring.

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