Keeping Algae Away When The Heat Comes To Play

When summer hits this year its going to heat up something fierce. People will start taking vacations all over the place, the heat will be going insane, and when it comes to your swimming pool this might end up meaning one of the worst things that a pool owner dreads having. That thing…is algae.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though, to be perfectly honest. Honestly I’ve had a fiberglass pool for quite a few years and not once have I ever had an algae problem. With the world of today no one should ever have any algae issue at all! This is why I made the decision to make a post about five important things you can do to make sure that your swimming pool never has any issues with algae when it starts to get super hot outside. Lets take a look:

1) Water Circulation

An important thing to keep in mind is that algae will often be found when water isn’t circulating properly. This is why you always want to make sure that your water is being filtered and flowing. This is a big part of why so many people get variable speed pumps for their pools these days, to ensure that they can always have water being circulated without getting killed by their energy bills.

2) Sanitize!

For the majority of people this will mean that your chlorine levels need to be spot on all the time. This is why a salt chlorine generator works so well, actually. They help to keep your chlorine levels consistent throughout the day, which can help to keep the algae at bay (pool rhyme, yea!)! Not using salt? Make sure the pool is being shocked on a regular basis when the heat is at its worst.

3) Regular Algaecide Application

This is not something you’ll always have to do, but it is another way to prevent algae from forming and causing you a lot of issues.

4) Watch That Pool Filter

This is connected with your water’s circulation. If your filter ends up getting too stuck up with…anything, really, the water can slow down. This will end up hurting your filtering process and the production of chlorine, which is just going to create more problems that include algae.

5) Swim!

Swimming in a pool is actually a great way to keep the pool free of any debris and it helps to keep it clean. Swimming stirs up the debris and water in the pool, which helps the skimmer to grab more of that stuff which helps the filtration process. Crazy, right? Crazy awesome that is!

Alright, and there it is. Five great ways to help keep yourself free from algae when the heat starts to turn up. Happy swimming!

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