Maintain Your Swimming Pool by Cleaning Your Skimmer and Pump Baskets

All of us like to hang out by the swimming pool and just relax. More so if its particularly hot outside and you want to cool off in the water. Just think about hanging out on your air raft while you enjoy the sun with the help of the water. So relaxing. Sounds nice, right? The thing is, though, that if your pool isn’t being maintained then you can’t get any of this from your pool. In order to keep one’s swimming pool in good shape there are quite a few things that need to be done.

These are things that include removing anything that builds up in the pump and skimmer baskets of your pool. This is vital for keeping your swimming pool in good shape, and is something that needs doing frequently if you care about the cleanliness of your pool. The baskets need to be cleaned out and unclogged on a regular basis so that the pump works correctly and efficiently. Below are a few ways you can go about maintaining your pump and skimmer baskets so that your pool is always as clean and efficient as it can be.

Cleaning Your Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket will need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Having a skimmer basket that is all clogged up will lower the basket’s efficiency and can make your swimming pool dirty. This is something that is very simple to do, and it doesn’t take long at all.

First, turn off your pump. Then take the skimmer’s lid off and grab the basket. Empty the basket of any debris or gunk; most likely there will be some leaves inside. Then rinse the basket out with a garden hose so that its as clean as possible, then simply put it back. Toss the lid back on there and flip the pump back on. Easy, right?

Cleaning Your Pump Basket

Cleaning out your pool pump’s basket is vital for keeping your pump’s lifespan as long as it can be. When the basket gets clogged up it causes the pump to work poorly, and that can result in water no longer being circulated as it needs to. Which then means that no water is filtered, so that will be extremely dirty, and the pump will start to get damaged. Basically if your basket gets clogged up the pool will be dirty and the pump will break, and then you’ll need pump repair work. So, the pool pump’s basket needs to be cleaned out frequently so that no problems occur.

Cleaning the pump basket out is simple, but a bit more involved than the above skimmer basket. First, turn off the heater and wait roughly ten minutes or so. Then go ahead and flip off the pool pump. You’ll want to close the main drain valve and the skimmer valve. Make sure the filter valve is in a closed position. Take the pump’s lid off and pull the pump basket out. Get rid of any gunk or debris that is inside, and then rinse it out with a garden hose. Ensure that its as clean as possible and check for any damage to the basket. If there is any damage swap it out for one that’s new. Then place the basket back where it belongs and put the lid back on. Open up the main drain valve and the filter valve, and then go ahead and flip the pool pump back on. Make sure you put the filter valve back to an open position. You can also turn the heater and cleaner pump back on.

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