Make Your Pool Safe This Summer

I’ve been working with swimming pools for longer than I’ve been a parent. As someone heavily involved in the industry, I read quite a lot of articles covering swimming pools. We have so many new things these days to ensure that our pools are safe, I highly suggest implementing many of them. This is especially true for those who have children in the home, or who may have children over to use their pool (such as grandchildren, etc). Is your swimming pool safe for your pets, friends and family, and even the neighbors that may end up wandering into the pool area?

Take These Precautions To Ensure Your Pool’s Safety:

  • When the pool isn’t being used, make sure to use a pool safety cover. For hot tubs, setup a safety cover that you can lock.
  • Get some underwater or surface wave alarms setup for your pool.
  • Make use of pool depth markers.
  • Make sure that you have stair and hand rails to prevent against slipping.
  • Get a fence (at least 4 feet tall) setup all around the swimming pool area, and be sure that the gates self close and latch.
  • If you have a fence and the door to the house is the 4th wall of that fence, be sure to setup some locks and door alarms if there are small kids about.


Teaching Safety

  • Make sure there is always someone supervising the pool area if kids are playing anywhere near it.
  • Take the time to teach any kids about some basic water safety.
  • If you have a pool, be sure to learn CPR for both adults and kids.
  • Make sure everyone has taken swimming lessons.
  • Ensure that no one is swimming in the pool by themselves.
  • Don’t let any kids play anywhere near the pipes or drains for the pool.

This is a fairly small list when it comes to pool safety. There are so many safety tips and precautions you can do to ensure that everyone is always safe around your swimming pool. Take the time to learn them all and make your pool as safe as it can be.

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