Potential Issues With a Concrete Swimming Pool

Every kind of swimming pool, no matter which one you choose, has its own kind of “issues.” For example, a vinyl liner swimming pool is a more short term kind of pool, where as your fiberglass pools often have some sizing issues. Concrete swimming pools have their own downsides, too. I’d like to go over some of those that the concrete pool may have, but they are less commonly talked about. If you’re in the market for a pool be sure to think about these things before purchasing.

1) Resurfacing
Resurfacing goes hand in hand with my next point, but without even mentioning that most people buying a swimming pool aren’t aware of the fact that they’ll need to get it resurfaced down the line. This is why many companies will include a lifetime structure warranty for the swimming pool. Please note, though, that this won’t include the finishing of the swimming pool. So, yea, make sure you get the surface warranty for your pool on paper prior to paying for it.

2) Salt Issues
Most people aren’t aware that a concrete surface is very easily worn down when it comes into contact with salt. Don’t believe me? Dump a big bag of salt on the the sidewalk and leave it there for awhile to see what I mean (tip: don’t do this, its bad for your sidewalk!). Due to this problem and due to salt water swimming pools becoming more and more popular (with good reason), you need to be aware of the fact that using a salt chlorine generator on a concrete pool will mean that you’ll need to actually have it resurfaced a lot earlier than you may have planned.

3) Pool Maintenance
A concrete pool is going to require more maintenance than other kinds of swimming pools that are in-ground. You need to be concerned with things like calcium levels, pH balance, and so much more that you wouldn’t need to think about nearly as much with another kind of pool. The water can pull out calcium from the pool’s surface if there isn’t enough calcium, which can cause a lot of pitting and further increase the roughness of the pool. A concrete pool also needs to be brushed on a more frequent basis.

Rough Surface
Have you played volleyball in a concrete swimming pool with your bare feet? Ever notice how bad your feet feel after you’re done? This is because of the roughness of the swimming pool’s surface. They’re rough, its just how it is. As they age they get more and more rough, actually. Unpleasant, to be sure.

So, I’m not saying don’t get a concrete swimming pool. By all means, go out and buy one. Just be aware of the potential downsides to a concrete pool.

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