Purchasing Used Fiberglass Swimming Pools – Is This Smart?

Nope, this isn’t a joke. This is real. People go out and purchase a used fiberglass pool more frequently than you’d think. So, how do they do it?

Well, usually a fiberglass swimming pool that is referred to as used actually just means that its a pool that was installed part of the way, but then got damaged while it was being put in. Because of this it ended up being sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired (not something that could be done on site).

Sometimes, rarely, you’ll find that a pool shell that has been properly installed and used does end up getting removed so that the design can be changed and another kind of pool can be placed in the ground. However, this isn’t generally a problem since most of these fiberglass pool shells are built to last more than 5 decades.

Alright, so, you’re thinking about picking up a used fiberglass pool. What do you need to take a look at? There are 3 main things:

1) How does it look?
Based on what kind of swimming pool you’re getting, and what sort of quality of work was done when it was repaired, the look of the pool and the repair job can be quite different. Sometimes you’ll find that the repair work completely blends in with the pool. Other times you’ll be able to spot it from a mile away. In either case, you’ll definitely want to think about this one.

2) Was the pool cracked?
You should be able to notice this since there will often be a discoloration on either the outside or inside of the pool that shows off where the damage occurred. However, the mere fact that a fiberglass pool had damage done to it in the past doesn’t always mean that its going to have issues in that spot. Actually, its possible that it will be stronger in that fixed spot.

3) What kind of warranty is there?
This is a really important thing to check on. The majority of fiberglass pools have at least a twenty-five year structural warranty in place when you buy them. If you end up getting one that’s used, make sure that you get a warranty in writing. Also, figure out who will be the one to repair it down the line.

What’s the pricing for a used fiberglass pool shell?

There’s no common answer. The range tends to be pretty different based on your area and who you’re dealing with, not to mention what used means for the pool shell you’re trying to buy. As an example, lets say you’re getting a new shell that wasn’t used, but was slightly damaged. For that you might only get five to fifteen percent taken off the normal price. If its a pool that’s already been in the ground for years it should be anywhere between fifty to seventy-five percent off the normal price, if you ask me. It really does vary, so be sure to ask lots of questions about why its priced the way it is.

Need some help taking care of your new “used” pool? Our regular service can help you to keep your swimming pool in great shape so that you can always enjoy going for a swim.

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