Spring Break “Pool Party” Ideas

As the weather heats up and the COVID numbers go down, people are feeling more comfortable getting together in small groups. With outdoor areas still recommended as safter places to gather, intimate pool parties are the perfect way to welcome in spring! Aquaman Pools suggests some fun small-gathering pool party ideas and tips for getting the pool in tip-top shape for splashing in!

Keep it Small — Whether the invite list consists of extended family, neighbors or close friends, it’s still prudent to limit the number of attendees and be careful about spending too much time in too-close quarters. Consider breaking down gatherings into groups — the kids’ friends, close family, etc. so no single event is too crowded.

Bring the Toys — Any gathering based around the swimming pool should have some fun and games! Consider a bunch of large and colorful floats for the pool, some colorful beachballs, yard games, water games, water balloons, etc. The list goes on and on — and so does the fun when the pool party is complete with lots of different activities.

Make Individual Platters — Instead of setting out a spread of food and snacks for guests to “help themselves” consider limiting the amount of touching and cross contamination by preparing easy pre-made meals. For example, a small adult gathering could consist of pre-made individual charcuterie plates along with an ice chest filled with anything from beer to canned cocktails, wine and bubbly). For the kids, think pre-wrapped sandwiches or cookies, individual bags of chips or snacks, and juice boxes and water bottles. Cut back on waste with a recycle bin at the ready!

Stage Seating — Arrange patio furniture and lounge seating to encourage small groups, sets the stage for intimate conversation with all guests as well as moving about to visit with every guests. Think about grouping together two to three chairs or seating options — and encourage attendees to flow around to every “station” by placing snacks, games or an activity at each area.

Sit Back and Relax — A good old-fashioned pool party should be about relaxing and enjoying one’s company. There’s no need to stress over this type of gathering. Keep it small and keep it simple. Side note to hosts — be sure to take part in the activities and conversation, too. After all, guests come to see and spend time with the party hosts!

Before any gathering surrounding the swimming pool, it’s important to make sure the pool is looking its best and that the water is clean and healthy, too. Put the automatic cleaner to work, skim the surface free of debris and scrub the interior surface and tiles! It’s also a good idea to do a chemical test on the water to ensure its properly balanced. No one wants to come out from a dip with stinging eyes or itchy skin, which are signs of over-chlorinated water. On the other hand, pool water that is lacking the proper chemicals can also have adverse side effects. To ensure healthy and clean pool water prior to a spring shindig, give the professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools a call!